Project 002

Project Title:

Temperature-related mortality and housing in Northern Ireland.


Chris Morris and Prof. Christine Liddell


Department of Social Development



Project Summary:

This project will attempt to assess the impact of housing and housing history on temperature-related mortality in Northern Ireland, taking account of SAP, central heating, insulation, tenure, location, aspect and if possible, elevation.

Publications to date:

NILS Research Brief 1 November 2010: Fuel poverty and mortality in Northern Ireland

Morris, C. (2008) Climate and mortality in Northern Ireland 2001-2006. DSD Statistics and Research Bulletin 4, Department of Social Development. 

Morris, C. (2007)  Fuel Poverty, Climate and Mortality in Northern Ireland 1980-2006 , NISRA Occasional Paper 25.

Morris, C. (2011) 'Mortality, Temperature and Housing' - presented at the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study Research Forum, NISRA, McAuley House, 11 November 2011.


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