Project 003

Project Title:

A study of the non-match rates to assess the magnitude and implications of any systematic biases in the non-linkage rates


Dermot O’Reilly, Mr. Michael Rosato, Dr. Sheelah Connelly


Queen’s University, Belfast



Project Summary:

In societies which do not have universal registration systems for monitoring demographic change it is not normally possible to accurately study the process of linking population and mortality data. The NI-LS is unique within the United Kingdom in that it affords such a possibility. The study links the 2001 Census returns to all deaths registered in Northern Ireland in the five years after the Census, with the characteristics of matched and non-matched death records compared using multivariate logistic regression. The attributes of the subjects included in the analysis are as recorded on the death certificate.  

Publications to date:

O'Reilly, D., Rosato, M., and Connolly, S. (2008)  Unlinked vital events in census-based longitudinal studies can bias subsequent analysis. J Clin Epidemiol, 61(4):380-5.


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