Project 008

Project Title:

A study of the effects of emigration from Northern Ireland on the spatial distribution of health within Northern Ireland and on the health of other parts of the UK.


Dr Dermot O’Reilly, Dr Sheelah Connolly and Dr Michael Rosato


Queen’s University Belfast



Project Summary:

It is now established that migration can alter the spatial distribution of health within a country, leading to significant alternations in socio-economic gradients through time. However, most studies have examined the effects of internal migration (which forms the majority of the population redistributions); few have examined the effects of immigrants on the spatial distribution of health and less still have studied emigrants. This is expected as it is well recognised that emigration is one of the most difficult facets of demographic change to monitor, and most of the commonly used longitudinal datasets do not reliably record emigration of cohort members.

Publications to date: 

This project was not concluded after initial exploration raised concerns about data relating to emigration.


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