Project 020

Project Title:

Describing and Modelling Internal Migration in NI 2001-2006 using the NILS: Individuals, Households and Places


Dr. Ian Shuttleworth, Paul Barr and Dr. Myles Gould


Queen’s University, Belfast, Centre for Public Health



Project Summary:

Internal migration between places (wards and/or SOAs) in NI has been under researched.  In particular, there have been few quantitative analyses.  This project aims to address this gap by exploring migration patterns using selected individual, household and ecological variables.  The study has two focuses: community background and health status.  Particular issues the project seeks to explore include the extent to which individuals living in areas where they are the ‘minority community’ are more likely to move after controlling for selected individual and household characteristics; whether there are differential mobility patterns for people with health problems by the type of area in which they live; and what types of movers are associated with upwards (or downwards) social mobility, as measured by variables such as housing conditions and neighbourhood deprivation.  The first stage of the proposed work programme will be a descriptive analysis of migration by the selected explanatory variables.  The second stage of the work will apply formal modelling approaches such as logistic regression to explore the determinants of mobility.  If time permits, more sophisticated multi-level and geographically-weighted approaches will be considered. 

Publications to date:

Shuttleworth, I., Barr, P & Gould, M. (2012) Does Internal Migration in Northern Ireland Increase Religious and Social Segregation? Perspectives from the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS) 2001-2007 Population, Space and Place

NILS Research Brief 12 May 2012: Reporting address changes through the healthcare system in Northern Ireland

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Gould, M. (2011) 'Modelling short distance residential moves using linked data: an application of the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study' - invited seminar to the Royal Statistical Society Leeds/Bradford Branch, 26th January 2011.


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