Project 026

Project Title:

Preliminary investigation into mortality rates and expectation of life for section 75 groups and social class


Dr David Donnelly, Alan McClelland and Gillian Fegan





Project Summary:

The aim of the current study is to produce a set of mortality rates and life tables relating to each of the section 75 groups present in the 2001 census along with key socio-economic measures. This will be accomplished by aggregating several years’ worth of mortality data (2001-2006) with age-standardised mortality rates and standardised rate ratios produced along with confidence intervals to allow identification of significant differences between various population groups and the general population.

Publications to date:

McClelland, A. Differences in Mortality Rates in NI 2002-2005 - A Section 75 & Social Disadvantage Perspective. OFMDFM, 2008


The Northern Ireland Mortality Linkage study (NIMS) links mortality data from the General Register Office to 2001 Census returns enabling a broader analyses of age standardised mortality rates (ASMR) than has been possible previously. Analyses conducted were designed to reflect both the categories identified under the statutory equality duty (Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998), and measures associated with relative social disadvantage. In general, mortality rates across most dimensions examined are gendered. In particular, there are strong relationships between ASMR and measures of relative social disadvantage. The relationship of ASMR with social disadvantage along non-housing dimensions appears disproportionately stronger for males compared to females.




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