Project 068

Project Title:

Mismatches and matches in address information from the Census and the BSO: A longitudinal perspective 2001-2011


Dr Ian Shuttleworth and Professor Dave Martin


Queen’s University Belfast and University of Southampton



Project Summary:

The proposal builds on Projects 020 and 051 by extending the analysis to 2011.  It compares address information from the Spring 2011 BSO download (XUPRN and SOA) with comparable geographical information from the 2011 Census.  The project seeks to look at the individual and ecological determinants of match/mismatch between geographical information held in the BSO and 2011 Census and compares this with the position seen in 2001 to examine if the same types of people and the same types of places have approximately the same level of match/mismatch.  It then moves on to consider in more detail whether the same people in 2011 as in 2001 reported match/mismatches between BSO and Census address information.  It is important to understand if the same people (or only the same types of people) are being inaccurately geographically referenced in both Census years or if the situation is more fluid.  The degree to which social compositional changes (eg in age and housing tenure) contribute to changing gross levels of mismatch between 2001 and 2011 will also be assessed.

Publications to date:

Project 068 was proposed as a 2011 Beta test project. Competing work priorities and illness within the research team meant that this research never got underway. The researcher has expressed an interest in returning to the subject area at a later date when they have time.


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