Project 115

Project Title:

Trends in the risk to wellbeing of residents in the North Down area


Ms Deborah Hyden, Mr Neil Rowland and Dr Ian Shuttleworth


Queen's University of Belfast



Project Summary:  

This research idea was submitted to Queen’s University Science shop by the North Down Community Network (NDCN).

Proposal from NDCN – To carry out research using NI Census information to develop profiles of particular areas within North Down and help identify unmet needs and the degree of resource allocation and investment per area.

As such, the aim of this project is to use NILS which includes Census data to produce risk to wellbeing profiles for SOAs in the North Down area with higher than average risk profiles.

Research in the United States by (Felitti et al., 1998) demonstrated some very strong associations between adverse childhood experiences and a range of negative physical and mental health outcomes. Although (Felitti et al., 1998)’s original work was mostly limited to risk factors associated with parental abuse and neglect, repeated or constant exposure to negative or ‘bad’ stress during childhood is now acknowledged as a key antecedent of poor wellbeing (McEwen, 2007). 


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