Researcher Accreditation

Approved Researcher Status

All researchers who wish to access de-identified micro-data within the secure environment must undergo the NISRA Approved Researcher process prior to the commencement of an approved research project. 

The researcher must submit an Application for Accreditation as an Approved Researcher form which asks for details of experience and professionalism and will be used by senior NISRA staff to approve the researcher as a ‘fit and proper’ person. The Research Approvals Group (RAG) will retain the responsibility for assessing projects.

If successful, approved researcher status will be granted for three years and be reviewed thereafter. 

Researchers who can only display limited experience, such as Master’s Students or PhD students, may be granted Provisional Approved Researcher Status which is valid for one year. 

Each researcher named on a project must have either Full or Provisional Approved Researcher Status, with at least one person on a project holding Full Approved Researcher status.

Researchers who have been granted Approved Researcher Status (alphabetically by surname):

A-E             F-J             K-O             P-T             U-Z


Safe Researcher Training

All researchers named on a project must complete Safe Researcher Training (SRT).  Completion of SRT will also allow access to other safe settings across the UK.  For upcoming SRT dates please see the Upcoming Safe Researcher Dates section of the website.

Please email to book your place on SRT training.   


Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) Clearance

All researchers who wish to access data within the secure environment are also required to have Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) clearance.  

To be granted BPSS, researchers must supply RSU with a valid Access NI Disclosure Certificate.  It is the responsibility of the researcher to apply for an Access NI basic disclosure check.  The researcher must submiit an online application, send copies of relevant Identity Documentation and arrange payment to AccessNI directly.

If successful, BPSS clearance will be granted for three years and be reviewed thereafter. 

For more information please contact the NILS-RSU: 



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