Research Ideas

This area of the website is dedicated to NILS Fact Sheets and NILS Project Ideas.

It is envisaged that these sections will stimulate new users and new projects for the NILS & NIMS. 

The NILS Fact Sheets section will provide information on the existing data to potential users and encourage interest in the use of the data.  The Fact Sheets will highlight the potential uses for NILS in policy and government research work.  We hope this will help stimulate some new projects ideas and possibly some collaborative approaches.

The Project Ideas section will highlight areas that can be looked at with the NILS data.  However, all suggested ideas will need to be developed into full projects and there is no guarantee they will be approved by the NILS-Research Approvals Group.

Brownbag Seminars

The NILS Brownbag Seminar is a series of informal lunchtime seminar sessions organised by NILS users. The idea is to meet regularly, talk about research using the NILS, present work in progress, exchange ideas and feedback, and have workshop-like sessions dedicated to methods and challenges users experience in analysing NILS-data. The sessions are open to all NILS users and researchers interested in working with the NILS.

The Brownbag dates and venues are announced via the NILS user-mailing-list, Twitter and on the NILS-RSU website as soon as new sessions have been organised. The venue usually rotates between QUB and NILS-RSU building (Colby House). The content and frequency of the Brownbag sessions depend entirely on the suggestions made by NILS users. Suggestions for themed sessions are very welcome.

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We are very pleased to announce the new version of our data dictionary interface featuring: full variable information, advanced search options and the ability to save your own variable lists between sessions. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the new system so please find out more...


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