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At the end of each month a yellow report card is sent out to more than 100 health care professionals across Northern Ireland.  Professionals are asked if they have seen a 'new' child (ie. newly diagnosed or newly referred) with suspected or definite cerebral palsy during the last month. 



Children and young people notified to the NICPR are followed up with a standardised assessment form presented as a yellow booklet. Clinicians and epidemiologists designed the assessment form for the specific purpose of reporting motor impairment of central origin (Evans et al 1989). The standardised assessment form is primarily an epidemiological tool.

The assessment form includes information about abnormal tone and unwanted movements (type and distribution), oral-motor involvement (articulation of speech, swallowing problems, drooling/dribbling), head and neck and trunk control, lower and upper limb involvement, information about the medical diagnosis and presence and severity of associated impairments (intellect, communication, seizures, vision and hearing) and some birth history (birthweight, gestation and number born). To download a copy of the assessment form please click here.

We encourage good practice among notifiers to keep families informed about the NICPR and have developed information materials for parents and guardians.  The information leaflet was compiled with the help and approval of the Advisory Committee including taking account of the views and comments of a parent representative. You can download a copy of our information leaflets for families and children, or if you have any comments on the leaflet please contact us.



The NICPR sends a quarterly newsletter to notifiers. These newsletters address areas of practice and research that have been raised by stakeholders. To sign up to receiving the NICPR notifier newsletter please click here. Alternatively, you can click on the following links to download our historical newsletters. 

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