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Immersive Interactive VR

Gareth and SebOur virtual reality equipment allows users to experience a virtual environment (created using Virtools software) that is displayed through a stereoscopic head mounted display (Cybermind Visette45). Movements of the user's head are detected using an an Intersense 900 wireless head tracker and are used to control in real-time the viewpoint within the virtual world. Developments in this technology have involved interfacing two hand trackers that control the position of two virtual depictions of the hands in the virtual environment. A tracking volume of 108m3 makes the set-up one of the largest in the world dedicated to perception/action and sports related research. The fully utilize the space the HMD control box (for the head mounted display) is mounted on a backpack (see photo).

This technology has been applied to many areas of interest. Applications within our laboratory focus developing theories and technologies that can be used to facilitate perceptual learning and decision making in both sporting (e.g. decision making in rugby and football) and industrial contexts (e.g. learning to assemble a device).

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Cathy Craig
School of Psychology
Queen's University Belfast
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Tel: +44 (0) 2890 97 5482

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