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Motion Capture System

The Qualisys motion capture system comprises ten Oqus 300 infrared cameras and one Oqus 100 high speed video camera. This system can not only record the position of spherical reflective markers at up to 500Hz (1000Hz for video), but output these coordinates in real time. In some instances the system is used to track just a single marker during simple pointing tasks. However, during the assessment of more complex movements, such as walking, we record the position of over 55 individual markers in order to carry out more complex biomechanical analyses using software such as Visual 3D and Matlab. 

The system is used in conjunction with two Accugait forceplates. A 64 channel AD board allows us to acquire analogue data that are used to synchronize the motion capture recordings with the display of visual, acoustic or haptic guides.


Contact Information

Cathy Craig
School of Psychology
Queen's University Belfast
18-30 Malone Road

Tel: +44 (0) 2890 97 5482

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