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Current PhD Students

photo Mahmoud Awad

After completing an undergraduate degree in computer engineering at Palestine Polytechnic University, I went on to study Digital media at the University of Bremen in Germany (MSc. Digital Media). My PhD research at Queen's university, is funded by a Microsoft PhD scholarship, with my mentor being Dr Richard Harper of Microsoft Research labs in Cambridge.  The project aims to design computer based games for older adults that encourage natural movements yet motivate them to train specific abilities. By working with natural user interface devices, mainly the MS kinect, we aim to see how we can use the power of this device to create new games that may improve physical and psychological wellbeing. My main research interests lie in the areas of human computer interaction, virtual environments, and Serious Games. I have also experience in interaction design, actionscript 3.0, Autodesk Maya, Unity3D Game Engine and C# programming language.

Alan Cummins

Profile pic of AlanI am a PhD student working jointly with the School of Psychology and the School of Nursing and Midwifery in QUB. My PhD  involves forming a movement-based intervention for aiding children with complex trauma through the use of VR. Research areas include complex trauma, movement therapies, serious game design, usability and VR. I am currently funded by the Improving Children's Lives Initiative.

I am originally from Dublin. I have a B.A. in Mod Computer Science (1999) and an MSc (2003, title: "Real-time Display of 3D Graphics for Handheld Mobile Devices") from Trinity College Dublin, and a B.A. in Psychology (2009) from Dublin Business School.

Aishwar Dhawan

My first degree was in Electronics Engineering from the University of New-Delhi (India). Having a strong inclination towards engineering and a passion for sports I went on   to   do   Master's in Sports    Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. The learning experience provided many opportunities to assimilate my engineering knowledge into sports. I worked with Dr Ben Heller (thesis supervisor) and Dr David James (course organiser) and covered many aspects of technology that are used in modern day sports. In my Master's research project I developed a wireless prototype for a device that can sense motion in all three axis. This involved the embedded and PC basedsoftware programming, experimental design, data collection and analysis. I decided to come to Belfast to take up a PhD that will look at how technologies such as Virtual Reality, Kinect and motion capture systems can be used to enhance performance in sport. Under the supervision of Prof Cathy Craig (principal supervisor) and using immersive, interactive virtual reality our aim is to idenfity the important sensory information which governs decision making in sports such as Cricket (my favourite sport) . My secondary academic interests include programming and engineering mathematics-physics. I have always been actively involved with different sports (primary being cricket and others to follow) both as a player and a technologist at a recognized level. More detailed info on my research interests, work experience and achievements can be found my linked-in profile.

Contact Information

Cathy Craig
School of Psychology
Queen's University Belfast
18-30 Malone Road

Tel: +44 (0) 2890 97 5482

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