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Past PhD Students

Caroline Whyatt

Caroline MadeiraMy DEL-funded PhD aimed to identify and assess areas of movement difficulty in children diagnosed with autism. The main focus of my work was on how information from the environment impacts on and guides movement control, and what happens when this process goes wrong. Using standardised movement assessment tools (such as the Movement Assessment Battery for Children), as well as an in-depth analysis of movement control,  my research findings showed a general trend of underlying difficulties in information-movement coupling in children diagnosed with autism.  This deficit results in poor levels of temporal and spatial control, and emerges as observed problems with both gross and fine movement control in standardised assessment.

I also have a 1st class BSc Honours in Psychology from Queen’s University Belfast (2007).

Marta Bienkiewicz

My PhD was funded through the TEMPUS-G project.  My research focused on understanding difficulties with motor control in Parkinson’s Disease and looking for novel ways of enhancing motor performance through the use of artificial sensory information.

Using motion capture technology I compared how sensory information directly available from the environment is used by healthy adults and Parkinson’s disease participants to plan movements ahead of time (e.g. moving between two target zones, catching a moving ball or following a dynamic visual display). The aim of my research was to investigate how Parkinson’s disease affects the temporal control of movement and whether artificial sensory guides can improve patient mobility.

Before my PhD I completed an M.Sc. in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh and an M.A. in Applied Psychology  at the University of Lodz in Poland.

Gareth Watson

BSc. Psychology QUB 2006; Ph.D. Mechanical and Aeronautical Enginnering/Psychology 2010.  

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