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Facilitating institutional change


1. to present and discuss, via a series of seminars, the main outcomes of the overall project with (a) the key institutions with responsibility for service delivery; and (b) with representatives of the main political parties;

2. to develop a set of recommendations based on the project’s outcomes and seminars/workshops that offer: draft policies, practice notes, and governance proposals to help shape the legislation and the subsequent operation;

3. working in partnership with the ‘transition’ team, to propose a strategy for how the new institutional arrangements with local Councils can combine planning, regeneration and community development functions so that a comprehensive framework can be built for an integrated and inclusive form of development, linking local community strategies with broader planning processes e.g. the strategy plan, local policies plan, and potentially the area action plan -- with such ‘connectivity’ offering the most viable basis for creating an open, pluralist, and shared society. This would be developed over most of the project’s three years.

Contact Information

  • Queen's University Belfast
  • School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • David Keir Building
  • Stranmillis Road
  • BT9 5AG
  • 028 9097 5427

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