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North Belfast Spatial Analysis Maps

Follow the links for access to the analysis maps:

North Belfast location map

North Belfast overview map 

North Belfast physical divisions map

North Belfast is characterized by a large number of physical barriers in the form of walls and fences, that make pedestrian movement in the area restricted. Physical barriers are often exaggarated by forms of 'abandoned', 'fortified' or 'neutral' spaces.

North Belfast facilities map

Access to facilities in North Belfast is often made complicated by the presence of physical barriers and sectarian control over access routes.

North Belfast vacant land map

The presence of vacant land in North Belfast provides a lot of development opportunities. Opportunities for development are however not equally available to both communities, with catholic areas often more densified than protestant areas. 

 North Belfast Development Map 

This map illustrates development plans and proposals in the North belfast area that have been identified as of summer 2012.

North Belfast Development map within wider city context




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  • School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering
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