Renewable Energy and Discourses of Objection - Towards Deliberative Policy Making


This project aims to analyse the range of interests, perceptions and tactics related to the development of renewable energy infrastructure in order to inform more effective decision-making that supports sustainable development. The project will challenge the tendency to apply over-simplified categories of supporters and objectors to wind farm developments, which overlooks the complexity of the attitudes held and the potential to explore alternative means of resolving the resulting disputes. This will be developed through a case study of the ongoing controversy over a proposed wind farm on the Tunes Plateau off Northern Ireland, one of the most wind-rich parts of the UK. The case study will be used to deepen understanding of the nature of such disputes by indentifying the range of interests involved in the debate over the proposed wind farm and analysing their core beliefs, using a technique known as Q-Methodology. this will be used to assess the main areas of conflict and consensus on the proposal and identify potential mediated solutions to such disputes. it is anticipated that the project's findings will inform institutional reform and help identify new approaches to decision-making for locational disputes involving renewable energy infrastructure.


This Research Project has now closed and the final report submitted to the ESRC however, feel free to browse these pages

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