Application for Membership
  • Full membership is open to permanent Academic Staff of Queen's University Belfast.
  • Associate membership is open to research staff/students who work under the direct supervision of a Full Member, as well as Support Staff at Queen's University (e.g. Research Support)
  • Applications for membership should be emailed to REMERGE, including:
    • Name, work address, email, phone, supervisor (if relevant)
    • A 100 word summary of how the PI’s research fits with the Mission Statement of REMERGE. The summary will be added to the REMERGE website.
  • Completion of the REMERGE database (techniques, models etc.) on return of email
  • Full Members must commit to attending (or sending relevant group member) to at least 4 meetings a year.
  • Full Members must present research area to rest of group in first few months of membership

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