3rd Annual REMERGE Symposium

3rd Annual REMERGE Symposium

Our annual REMERGE Symposium 2015 will be held on 22 June, and we have a fantastic programme in store. To register to attend the Symposium, click here.

We would like to extend an exclusive call for abstracts to all REMERGE groups. This is our opportunity to showcase the quality of our regeneration-relevant research and teams together. The poster sessions of the last 2 years have been lively and engaging events, not to mention great opportunities for our teams to discuss collaborative ideas!

All attendees are encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation as a poster at the REMERGE Symposium. On the day of the symposium, 6 posters will be chosen by the REMERGE judges to be presented as Moderated Posters. Selected individuals will then take part in a Moderated Poster session, where they will stand in front of their poster and have 5 minutes to present their work and answer questions from the audience. There will be prizes for the best Moderated Poster presentation. All posters should be presented in A0 Portrait format.

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