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Alzheimer's Society

Funding was granted to Queen's University Belfast in December 2016 from Alzheimer's Society.

Chief Investigator Dr Bernadette McGuinness
Principal Investigators Professor Clive Holmes, Professor Christopher Edwards and Dr Chris Cardwell
Institution Queen's University Belfast
Grant type Project
Duration 36 months
Amount £399,993

Why did Alzheimer's Society agree to fund the study?

Comments from members of their Research Network:

"The great potential here lies in the possibility of existing drugs being used to halt the progress of Alzheimer's disease."

"Important study in my view. It appears to be looking after the needs of the participants well by interviewing them in their home setting and has included the lived experience of a research volunteer to help develop the proposal."

"This project appears to offer genuine opportunities to explore underlying factors that might influence the progress of Alzheimer's disease."