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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and physical sciences. Its mission is to promote and support high quality basic, strategic and applied research, to advance knowledge and technology, and to provide trained scientists and engineers, which meet the needs of users and beneficiaries, thereby contributing to the economic competitiveness of the United Kingdom.

The research it funds, affects every aspect of our lives, from energy and the environment, through health, crime prevention, transport, construction and leisure time, to communications, nanotechnology and fundamental science.

Queen's University Belfast is one of 11 UK universities with a strategic relationship with the EPSRC, whom collectively receive 30% of the Councils research funding, giving an enhanced relationship for sharing information and spreading best practice

Institute for a Sustainable World, Queen's University Belfast

The Institute for a Sustainable World (ISW) at QUB is home to more than 100 active researchers, carrying out cutting edge, interdisciplinary research in areas as diverse as green chemistry, resource management, spatial planning, corporate social responsibility and sustainable design. It seeks to carry out interdisciplinary research which recognises the fundamental links between society, economic development and the natural world, which provides the resources upon which all prosperity depends. It brings together researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to facilitate debate and cross fertilisation of ideas from academia, industry, government and civil society.

Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning, Queen's University Belfast


The Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning (ISEP) is one of the fastest growing and dynamic planning research environments in the United Kingdom.  Our research programme is based on the concept of spatial planning and whilst our empirical work is partly grounded in the region, it is built on strong international, interdisciplinary and theoretical references. Our particular strength is the staff team who have built a track record in scholarly and applied research and a wide ranging portfolio of publications, research grants and doctoral studentships. Since 2000, the Institute has more than doubled its staff base, built an international reputation and attracted a stream of major research funding linked to our main areas

The Institute values the connection between our research and teaching programmes and the application of our empirical work in a learning environment, and continues to innovate and develop teaching programmes to reflect a rapidly changing market place, problem and policy context and changes in professional standards.

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