Rural Migration
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering


May 2011

May 6th

The Isle of Bute Research Booklet now available


The Isle of Bute booklet is available here

April 2011

Feb 25th

The Radnorshire Research Booklet now available


The Radnorshire booklet is available here

February 2011

Feb 24th

Presentation of Research findings

Local residents and community representatives attended an evening event at The Glens Hotel, Cushendall on Thursday 24th February to hear about the project's findings for the Glens of Antrim.   There was a short presentation by Prof Aileen Stockdale and Dr Lorna Philip  followed by a general discussion of the main findings.   Participants at the event also received a copy of Summary of Research Findings: Glens of Antrim, which will also now be distributed for information to a number of public agencies and voluntary groups with an interest in the project and/or the Glens of Antrim.

Click here for some photographs of the event

Feb 25th

The Glens of Antrim Research Booklet now available


The Glens of Antrim booklet is available here

January 2011

14 th Jan

Key findings to be presented in Research Areas


The research team are making arrangements to hold seminars in each of the study areas during February (the Glens), March (Radnorshire) and April (the Isle of Bute). These evening seminars will present the key findings from the research, which will also be available in a short summary booklet. The events are open to all the public and will be advertised locally. If you would like to receive an invitation to the event, please contact Mr Jonathon Bell

December 2010

9th & 10 th Dec

Research to be presented at a CARDI seminar on rural services


Members of the research team have been invited to speak at a research seminar organised by the Centre Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI). The seminar, entitled “An Age Old Problem – where now for rural services?’ is to be held on 9th & 10th December in Galway University. The seminar is part of CARDI’s  'ageing in a time of recession' series and will include feature contributions from experts (both nationally and internationally) in the field of policy and practice in relation to older people and the ageing population. For further information clicke here.

September 2010

23rd  Sept

Rural residents positive response to research survey


A total of 647 households have participated in the project's household survey and nearly 200 households volunteered to be interviewed. Dr Marsaili MacLeod comments, "The positive response from the public to the survey research is indicative of the strong sense of belonging many residents hold to their community as well as a concern for its future".  The results from this survey will be used to help understand who moves into these rural areas and why. It will also examine the impacts of different mobility trends for the wellbeing of each area.

1st  Sept

Project paper presented at the Royal Geographical Society, London


Aileen and Marsaili attended the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) annual conference in London on 1st September to present a paper at a session exploring the 'socially orientated motives' for mobility and migration. The project paper argued that the increased fluidity of (what were previously linear) life-style stages explains why inflows of people of pre-retirement age are as significant, and in some areas more significant, than inflows of retirees to rural areas. Using preliminary analysis of data from the project, the paper went on to explain how social motives were informed by historical experiences of rural places, which led to different notions of permanency and belonging in place. The conference session was convened by  Dr Tara Duncan (University of Otago, New Zealand) and included papers based on research undertaken in the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Australia.

August 2010


Research work undertaken in Wales


The research team recently completed the household survey work in Radnorshire in Wales. Researchers enjoyed a week of glorious sunshine in this beautiful part of Powys. This work marks the end of Stage 2 of the project and Marsaili is now busy inputting all the survey data.  The team are very grateful to the 568 households who completed a survey form as part of this project and would like to sincerely thank all those who gave up time to speak with us.