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Audio Journeys

TheatreofplucK and The Rainbow Project Immersive LGBT Audio Theatre Walking Tour Co-Production

In August 2018, Dr Stefanie Lehner worked with TheatreofplucK and The Rainbow Project on their production of their immersive audio theatre walking tour, which is based on interviews with the Rainbow project’s Gay Ethnic Group (GEG). Dr Lehner participated in workshops which focused on (i) the role and importance of storytelling and music for healing, sense of belonging, identity and conflict resolution; (ii) the experience of being LGBT and moving to/living in Northern Ireland; (iii) the experience of listening to the audio journeys and the impact they have on our understanding of the experiences of others and our own perception and understanding of post-conflict Belfast and Northern Ireland. Dr Lehner conducted interviews with individual participants, the playwright, sound engineer and leader of the GEG.

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