Parents Report

Study Title: Care pathways and outcomes: Following a population of children who were under five years old and in care in Northern Ireland in 2000.

Report Title: From care to where? A care pathways and outcomes report for parents

Report Authors: Dominic McSherry, Emma Larkin, Montse Fargas, Greg Kelly, Clive Robinson, Geraldine Macdonald, Dirk Schubotz and Rosemary Kilpatrick

November 2008


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What the figures tell us about the children's placements: who are these children?

The parents perspective



The authors would like to thank, first and foremost, the parents who were interviewed during this study, for inviting us into their homes and sharing their experiences. 

We would also like to sincerely thank our funders, the R&D Office, for the opportunity to conduct this longitudinal study over the last seven years. Our thanks also go the Office of Social Services (DHSSPS) in Northern Ireland for providing part-funding to conduct the interviews with the adoptive parents. 

We are grateful to the many members of staff within Social Services, and NIGALA, for the support provided in tracking the children’s placements and searching their case files.  Thank you. 

Thanks also to the members of the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Group and Professional Liaison Group for their sound advice and professional expertise and to Andrew Percy for reviewing various draft chapters of our initial report to funders. 

We are indebted to Andy Zinn from Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago, for helping us grasp some of the basics of event history analysis.  We would also like to thank Dorota Iwaniec for her support and guidance over the years. Thanks also go to Wendy Cousins and Marina Monteith for their involvement in the early stages of data collection and to the ICCR editorial committee for helpful comments.  Last, but not least, many thanks and much gratitude to Maura Dunn, Grainne McGoldrick, Lisa Monaghan, and Rosaleen Gormley for providing administrative support throughout.   

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