CC Transitions

Catalysing & Characterising Transitions in Ireland - funded by the Irish Environmental protection Agency

CC Transitions is an 18-months desk study funded under the Environmental Protection Agency (Ireland) Climate Research Call 2014,  aimed at developing an analytical framework for understanding the transition to a low-carbon economy in Ireland.

The research involves a detailed review of a range of existing research on socio-technical transition and related governance appproaches.It includes a comparative international case study examining policy approaches to transition and a study of barriers and incentives for the development of specific technologies.  An investigation into the potential of specific technological sectors in Ireland (for example, bio-energy) to contribute to a low-carbon transition and the factors governing this will also be conducted. The project is being rolled out through a series of working papers and will culminate in the summer of 2016 with a series of academic and policy-orientated seminars.

Further information on the project content is available here or by contacting  Geraint Ellis