Case Studies


  • The Shannon Estuary
  • The Liffey Estuary

The Shannon and Liffey estuaries provide suitable case studies to test the proposed framework of EMMS. Both estuaries are intensely used areas, with the waters and adjoining lands supporting a range of functions, uses and activities.


Shannon DolphinThe Shannon and Liffey estuaries are important regions for tourism, leisure and recreation, fishing, aquaculture, heritage and landscape and important habitats and species. Similarly, the landside of both estuaries supports extensive human settlements. All these changes have impacted negatively on the functioning of the estuarine ecosystem. Future and emerging growth in the renewable energy sector also has the potential to cause additional pressures and adverse effects in both of these areas. 

These case study areas clearly share a number of similar characteristics and as two of the main estuarine environments in Ireland are considered ideal to test the implementation of any emerging proposed framework of EMMS.

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