logo1) Developing a proposed framework of EMMS;

2) Data Gathering and User Engagement; and

3) Analysis, Synthesis and Dissemination. 

Stage 1 involves reviewing and developing a matrix of regulatory compliance requirements based on current domestic and European legislation and policy targets for Irish estuaries which will include an analysis of their spatial implications.  The second aspect of this stage is reviewing international models of best practice in integrated estuarine and coastal management.  Stage 1 will conclude with the development of a proposed framework of EMMS which will be tested in Stage 2 of the project.   

Aughinish AluminaStage 2‌ will apply the proposed framework to two case study areas, the Shannon and Liffey Estuaries. Both areas are multi-functional supporting a range of activities, uses and natural resources as well as their associated environmental pressures and threats. The proposed framework will be trialled for effectiveness in the management of these estuarine areas supported by stakeholder engagement, facilitated through the establishment of local working groups for each area. 

Stage 3 will include a performance analysis of the proposed framework based on the case studies.  mapping 1

This will conclude in the development of an appropriate EMMS template which can be applied in any Irish estuarine and coastal context.  

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