PhD Students

ISEP's PhD students are immersed in our distinctive multi-disciplinary research culture. Working closely within the School of Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering we want to generate a lively and proactive community of students and academics, who are conducting innovative research and laying the groundwork for lifelong careers in planning research and education.

Here are our current PhD students.


Project Title

 John Bronte

 Planning in the Public Interest? A Case Study of Contemporary Waterfront Development

 Lindsey Mullan

 Planning, branding and young people in Derry~Londonderry, the UK’s first City of Culture


 The Co-Production of Space in Divided and Contested Contexts: Spatial Praxis and
 Other Ways of Knowing

 James Hennessey

 Open Space Types, Typologies and Toponymies

 Phillip Black

 Aesthetic Control – A Critical Reflection on Public Building Design in the UK
 Christiaan Karelse  Neoliberalism and the Contested Urbanism
 Calum McCormick
 Is neoliberalism affecting our health?
 Stephen Johnston  University-led Regeneration
 Jonathan Moon  The discourse and Practice of Transboundary Environmental Planning
 Viktoria Mraz  Community planning in a diverse Northern Ireland: opportunities for inclusion?
 Carlos Ramirez  The effectiveness of Marine Planning Regimes
 Ibama Brown  Evaluation of planning responses in flood related disasters in river states of Nigeria
 Ruibing Kou  Natural environments of local parks and their impact on physical activity of older people
 Sheck Sherif
 How can Marine Spatial Planning deliver United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Liberia?
 Maria Pafi

 Wind-Power Landscapes: Visual Impacts and public perceptions in Ireland?

 Benedict McAteer  Marine Spatial Planning: Citizen Science & Political Consciousness
 Jane Clarke  Marine spatial planning and climate change
 Aaron Cummings

 A measure of urban green space: accessibility and design

 Pius Okoli

 Brexit: Implications, challenges and opportunities for Agri-Food sector in Northern Ireland

 Danielle MacCarthy

 Understanding the Role of Urban Nature in Physical and Mental Wellbeing in Older Age Adults, Belfast

 Nuala Carr

 Transitioning towards the social acceptability of Marine Renewable Energy in Ireland and Northern Ireland

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Planning PhD Graduating Class of 2015

Alan McCarten, Karen Jenkinson, Luke Kelleher, Aisling Murphy, Neil Galway & Andrew Grounds