Is neoliberalism affecting our health?



Is neoliberalism affecting our health?


School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering
Queen's University Belfast
Level 3
David Keir Building
Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5AG
Northern Ireland



+44 (0)2890 974254


Current Research:

My research investigates the link between mental well-being in old age and neighbourhood quality in Northern Ireland. Given the context of an ageing population - and the accompanying deterioration of mental health - I am interested in the future responsibility of planning in supporting well-being for older people. The research investigates how mental well-being quality differs across socio economic regions, explores issues associated with restricted access and freedom and movement in older age, and investigates ways in which planners can help increase social interaction and physical activity in urban neighbourhoods. In doing this, I hope to build an image of the lived experience of older adults in this context. as well as a layered understanding of neighbourhoods in Northern Ireland.

Supervisors: Dr Urmi Sengupta & Prof Aileen Stockdale


BSc First Class Hons in Environmental Planning, Queen’s University Belfast, 2012


PhD Research Studentship, Northern Ireland Department of Employment and Learning