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The Effectiveness of Marine Spatial Planning Regimes





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Current Research:

Environmental health of marine and coastal areas has become a major concern for governments, users, stakeholders and academia (Crowder et al., 2006; Young et al., 2007; Lester et al., 2010). To manage the conflicts in coastal-maritime area, avoiding environmental degradation and user conflict, Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has emerged as a new planning regime (Ehler and Douvere, 2007; Halpern et al., 2008; Flannery and Ó Cinnéide, 2012). While MSP has become the dominant paradigm, there is little evaluation of its effectiveness. Evaluation of environmental planning is necessary due to the fact that systems, natural and governmental, are constantly changing.

Evaluation of MSP has been aimed in ‘success’ focussing on outcomes and/or outputs and stated aims of the plan (Day et al., 2002; Stojanovic et al., 2004; Pomeroy et al., 2005; Day, 2008). However, ‘effectiveness’ in planning evaluates the regime in terms of solving problems that gave rise to the planning process (Levy et al., 1995; Young and Levy, 1999; Stokke, 2001; Todd, 2001; Young, 2011). Effectiveness is then about achieving aims but is also concerned with analysing if the aims are adequate for the problem issue. In other words, effectiveness is about solving problem.

This research, based on planning theory and practice, will aim to define and critically assess effectiveness in MSP of the Gulf of California, Mexico. The research will assess the institutional and governance conditions, and the stakeholder’s perception of effectiveness, to establish a framework capable of evaluating MSP of the Gulf of California.   

Supervisors: Dr Wesley Flannery and Prof Geraint Ellis


Master in Integrated Environmental Planning, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Mexico, 2010
BA in Finance and Administration, Universidad de Occidente, Mexico, 2000


I Foro Nacional de Sustentabilidad Acuícola (First National Forum of Sustainability in Aquaculture), Toluca, Mexico, 2013
IV Congreso Internacional de Ordenamiento Territorial y Ecológico (IV International Congress of Territorial and Ecological Planning), Ensenada, Mexico, 2011


Postgraduate student, El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (The National Council of Science and Technology), Mexico