Jan van Tatenhove

Jan P.M. van Tatenhove (1961) is Professor of Marine Governance (since August 2010) at the Environmental Policy Group (ENP) at the Department of Social Sciences at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). He is co-director of MARE (Centre for Maritime Research); an interdisciplinary social scientific institute studying the use and management of marine resources, and associated editor of the journal of Maritime Studies (MAST). Before his appointment at Wageningen University, he was Associate Professor ‘policy analysis and governance’ at the Political Science Department of the University of Amsterdam (2000-2005), and Assistant Professor environmental policy at the Department Social and Political sciences of the Environment at Nijmegen University (1993-2001). He did his PhD (1993) at Wageningen University. His PhD research was about the institutionalization of environmental policy in the Netherlands.

Since 2010, his marine governance research has developed around three main research lines. First, understanding and analysing the institutionalization of marine governance arrangements, focusing on processes of power, institutional capacity building, interactive knowledge development, and recently geopolitics of the oceans. Second, understanding and explaining the dynamics of marine governance at the level of the regional seas, with a focus on processes of regionalization, the analysis of integrated marine governance initiatives, such as Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), and the design of governance models. Third, the assessment and evaluation of the quality of marine governance institutions and processes, focusing on questions of legitimacy and accountability relations in marine governance.

Currently, he supervises 8 PhD students of which 6 marine governance PhD students. He successfully (co-)supervised 13 PhD students of which 6 marine governance students. He published over 100 articles and book chapters in several international and national scientific and professional journals and books.

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