Dr Yingen Ge

 pronunciation  ying-'ehn  gerr

BSc, MSc, PhD




Queen's University Belfast
School of Management & Economics

University Road, Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland

  Office: 24.301 University Square
Phone: +(44)28 9097 3291
Fax: +(44)28 9097 5156
Email: y.ge@qub.ac.uk


Research and Teaching Interests

·      Research:  Applying theory and methodology of operations research / management science (OR/MS) to

-      Traffic and transport management

-   Yield management

-   Supply networks

including modelling, algorithms and implementation.

·      Teaching:  willing to  develop and teach modules in

-     Mathematics, probability theory & mathematical statistics, econometrics and intelligent techniques

-     Operations research / management science (OR/MS), including yield management and supply networks

-     Transport economics and policy, traffic engineering and traffic flow theory, transport planning and management and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

-   Network modelling and analysis

-     Applications of mathematics, statistics, OR/MS, artificial intelligence and software computing techniques in business and management

Research Experience


Recent Academic Papers (since 2001)

    Peer Reviewed Journal Papers (published only) 

  1. Carey, M. and Ge, Y. E. (2005) Convergence of a discretised travel time model (used in dynamic traffic assignment). Transportation Science 39, 25-38.

  2. Carey, M. and Ge, Y. E. (2005) Alternative conditions for a well-behaved travel-time model. Transportation Science 39, 417-428.

  3. Zhang, H. M. and Ge, Y. E. (2004) Modeling variable demand equilibrium under second-best road pricing. Transportation Research 38B, 733-749.
  4. Carey, M. and Ge, Y. E. (2004) Efficient discretisation for link travel time models. Networks and Spatial Economics 4, 269-290.
  5. Carey, M. and Ge, Y. E. (2003) Comparing whole-link travel time models (used in dynamic traffic assignment). Transportation Research 37B, 905-926.
  6. Carey, M., Ge, Y. E. and McCartney, M. (2003) A whole-link travel-time model with desirable properties. Transportation Science 37, 83-96.
  7. Ge, Y. E., Zhang, H. M. and Lam, W. H. K. (2003) Network reserve capacity under the influence of traveler information. Journal of Transportation Engineering – ASCE 129, 262-270.

    Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

  1. Ge, Y. E. and Carey, M. (2004) Travel time computation of link and path flows and first-in-first-out. Traffic and Transportation Studies (Proceedings of ICTTS 2004), edited by B. Mao, Z. Tian and Q. Sun, pp326-335, Beijing: Science Press
  2. Ge, Y. E. and Carey, M. (2002) Link outflow rate computing under continuous dynamic loads. Traffic and Transportation Studies (Proceedings of ICTTS 2002), edited by K.C.P. Wang, G. Xiao, L. Nie and H. Yang, pp770-777, Virginia: ASCE.

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