Scheduled Public Transport


VISSIM-PuT for Public Transportation< Transport planning software for macroscopic modelling of private and public transport.  For planning and controlling of public transport service.  Analyses and evaluates existing or planned services from the point of view of both operators and passengers.  From PTV, Karlsruhe Germany.  


PVT-interplan is an operational planning system for public transport, optimizes “timetable and vehicle scheduling, crew scheduling and duty rostering.”(Oct 2004).  From PTV, Karlsruhe, Germany.


"Developed as a research project at the Institute of Transportation Planning and Systems (IVT) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

OpenTimeTable (OTT) is a computer program designed to analyze actual timetable data in order to improve the quality of railroad schedules.  In the future, OpenTimeTable will add features to automatically analyze train operations over time and notify users when it notices a trend towards lower quality service.

Over the last several years railway companies have developed new schedules designed to improve customer service by adding and speeding-up trains while minimizing necessary infrastructure improvements. Developing new schedules (constructing new timetables) is a complex process and must be done carefully to reduce the potential for errors.

OpenTimeTable helps users construct improved timetables by analyzing the differences between actual timetable data and schedules. A train that operates behind schedule regularly may cause delays to other trains and to the entire timetable. OpenTimeTable enables users to analyze these types of systematic delays and use this information to finetune timetables creating more attractive services and utilizing infrastructure more efficiently." 

Aug. 2003


"Developed as a research project at the Institute of Transportation Planning and Systems (IVT) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). 

The aim of the research project Object Oriented Modelling in Railways at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was to develop a user-friendly application which can answer various questions of railway operations by simulation.  The result of this process is the railway simulation tool OpenTrack, which is now used by railway administrations, the railway industry, consultant companies and universities.

Typical Tasks:

  • Determining requirements for the infrastructure of a railway network
  • Analyzing the capacity of lines and stations
  • Rolling stock studies (e.g. requirements for future rolling stock)
  • Timetable construction, analyzing the robustness of timetables
  • Analyzing various signalling systems (e.g. discrete block system, short block, LZB, ETCS Level 2, ETCS Level 3 [Moving Block])
  • Analyzing the effects of system failures (e.g. infrastructure failures, trains failures) and delays
  • Simulation of Maglev systems (e.g. Transrapid)." 

Aug. 2003