Transport Workshop at Queen's Sept 04

Workshop held at Queen’s University Belfast
on Wednesday-Thursday, 15-16 September, 2004

"Modelling link flows and travel times for dynamic traffic assignment"

Workshop theme

Programme and Abstracts

List of talks in the order in which they were presented is:  

  1. Ben Heydecker, "What are traffic models for?"
  2. Ronghui Liu, "A glimpse inside the black box – network micro-simulation models"
  3. Malachy Carey, "Some general or desirable properties for predicted travel times"
  4. David Watling (presenter), Richard Connors and Agachai Sumalee, "Encapsulating between-day variability in demand in analytical, within-day dynamic, link travel time functions"
  5. Chandra Balijepalli, "Dynamics of traffic flow in day-to-day and within-day contexts"
  6. Andy Chow, "Traffic models for dynamic system optimal assignment"
  7. Jiao Wang, "Car following models for motorway traffic"
  8. S Gibson and Mark McCartney, "Ring car following models"
  9. Cino Bifulco and Fulvio Simonelli, "Analyses and comparison of car-following models against real traffic microscopic data"
  10. Eddie Wilson, "Microscopic models of highway traffic: an overview and ongoing refinements using unaveraged loop data"
  11. Wai Yuen Szeto, "On the solution existence of the dynamic traffic assignment problem with physical queues"
  12. Ying-en Ge and Malachy Carey, "A numerical comparison of three heuristic methods for path reassignment for dynamic user equilibrium"
  13. Bidisha Ghosh, Biswajit Basu & Margaret O’Mahony, "Time-series modeling for forecasting vehicular traffic flow in Dublin"
  14. Bidisha Ghosh, Biswajit Basu & Margaret O’Mahony, "Behaviour of whole-link and hydrodynamic models under impulsive inflow loading"

The workshop concluded with an "open discussion" session (chaired by Prof David Watling).


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