About Us

Prof Laura Lundy of Queen’s University Belfast and Prof Ursula Kilkelly of University College Cork, two internationally recognized experts in children’s rights, were commissioned by The Atlantic Philanthropies to undertake a two year project designed to advance children’s rights in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The project, which ran parallel in Ireland and Northern Ireland, was focused on capturing the experiences and learning of Atlantic Philanthropies grantees (see our research partners, listed here) in the area of children’s rights and providing a space within which that learning can be shared. The project had a significant international dimension, by providing opportunities for Ireland and Northern Ireland based grantees to meet and learn from each other and their counterparts nationally and internationally on the most effective approaches to children’s rights advocacy.

In line with the children’s rights-based focus, a core strand of the work related to and involved the participation of children and young people in advocacy. 

This project was conducted in two phases:

Phase I (2013): Information gathering to document and map the impact of children’s rights advocacy.

  • Desk-based reviews of reports and other research literature on Children’s Rights in Ireland and Northern Ireland with a focus on children’s rights advocacy.
  • Interviews and focus groups with grantees, including directors/CEOs, staff members, children and young people, about their experience of using children’s rights approaches in their advocacy work.

 Phase II (2014): Building for the future – networking and sharing learning

  • A series of events at QUB and UCC were open to those working in children’s rights advocacy to come together to share learning and best practice nationally and internationally and to build capacity.
  • The findings and outputs from the research and investigations and training events were made available in reports and summary briefings, available here.
  • Learning from the study was compiled into five resources and guides for those seeking to advance children's rights through advocacy.