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Children's Rights Alliance

'We have problems like adults, we we're affected by the recession'    (NEWS ARTICLE)

The Children’s Rights Alliance assembled a group of young people (15-18 years) to make a short film about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. They identified three problems that they face on a daily basis. They were: bullying, poverty, lack of recreational spaces. Over the course of the filming process, the young people also set up their own Children’s Rights organisation to advocate on behalf of children. 

(with UNICEF) and UNICEF Ireland sit down with a group of Irish young people to discuss what it's like to grow up in Ireland in the 21st century. They reflect on the findings of UNICEF's Report Card 11 and compare to their own experience of being young in Ireland #RC11

Spun Out's Youth Board Policy:

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Spun Out's Review of Participation:

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Barnardos Ireland

“Amplifying Voices in Tallaght: Somewhere Safe to Play” by Barnardos Ireland.



Co-Researchers Group ‘Using the Law’ and ‘Internationalisation’ events held in UCC June 19th and 20th 2014 

A film written, acted and directed by a group of young people aged 14 - 17 years, working as Co-Researchers on the Atlantic Philanthropies funded research project, Advancing Children's Rights. 


IPRT report on Children and Families of Prisoners

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IPRT rights-based report on standards for Children in Detention, 2009

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UN Committee Against Torture (Ireland) video

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(information about children's detention institutions begins at 14:48)


Regional Advocacy Volunteers’ research project on Child Protection in Mayo

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