Missile 1: Vortex around a missile at Mach 3 Missile 1: Vortex around a missile at Mach 3
CFD Mesh CFD Mesh
High lift aerodynamics using a differential reynolds stress model High lift aerodynamics using a differential reynolds stress model
OSF: Open Source Fighter OSF: Open Source Fighter
RAE2822 RAE2822


About Us

Welcome to the Computational Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity Laboratory, in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at QUB. Our research focuses on computational methods for aerodynamic and aeroelastic analysis and design.

Our primary research objective is to develop advanced high-fidelity methods for the analysis and design of aerospace vehicles. To reach this objective, we are currently developing algorithms and numerical methods on the following topics:

• CFD methods for novel hardware architectures
• High-Fidelity Aeroelastic Analysis
• Multidisciplinary Optimization algorithms
• Uncertainty Quantification



Congratulation to Richard Hayes on passing his Viva! Well done Dr. Hayes!


Presentations given at ECCOMAS 2016 Conference, in Crete by C-Aerolab, (Aerodynamic optimization using Adjoint methods and parametric CAD models)


> Two presentations given at Dipart 2015 Meeting , in Bristol by C-Aerolab, (DiPart LCO Presentation; Dipart CAD Adjoint Optimisation)


> New journal publication by W. Yao and S. Marques.  doi: 10.2514/1.J053565, pdf


> Richard Hayes presented at the 3rd ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference, Aachen, Germany, Reducing Parametric Uncertainty in Limit Cycle Oscillations, with the support of the Royal Aeronautical Society


> New journal publication by R. Hayes, UQ_LCOs (top 25 Most Downloaded Computers & Structures Articles Jan/2015)

> Presentations given at Dipart 2014 Meeting in Bristol, dipart_2014   26/11/2014
> Two presentations given at the 2014 Royal Aeronautical Society Aircraft Structural Design Conference   07/10/2014
> Two presentations given at Royal Aeronautical Society Appliead Aerodynamics 2014 Conference   22/07/2014
> Presentation given at 6th European CFD conference, Barcelona, A-HB Presentation   21/07/2014
> Two presentations given at Aviation 2014, Atlanta from C-Aerolab   18/06/2014
> Workshop on Multidisciplinay Analysis and Optimisation at NIACE given by C-Aerolab   08/01/2014
> Presentation given at DiPart 2013 Meeting in Bristol,nonlinear aeroelasticity   26/11/2013
> Presentation given at the Inst. of Sound and Vibration Research at Southampton Univ., UQ in Aeroelastic Systems
> Dr. Weigang Yao joins C-AeroLab   01/11/2013