Welcome from all the members here at the C-AeroLab and to learn more about them, have a look at their profiles below.


Current members Include:

Academic Staff

Dr. S. Marques


Research Staff

Dr. Weigang Yao


Research Students

Alex Orr (PhD Student)

Richard Hayes (PhD Student)

Philip Hewitt (PhD Student)



Manuel Cellarius, 2013 - (NUMECA Ingenieurbüro)

Jean-François Wald, 2012 – (PhD, Uni. Paris)

Stephen Hegarty, 2012 – (Bombardier Aerospace)

Connor Doherty, 2012 - (General Dynamics, UK Limited)

Clément Crozon, 2011 - (PhD, Uni. of Liverpool)


See here for current UG & PG Vacancies