We would like the C-Aero Lab to be a place for creating new tools that ultimate will aid the development of better aerospace vehicles. This is achieved by bringing mathematics and physics into practical computational tools. We try to create a stimulating environment where everyone can contribute to and learn from.

Postgraduate vacancies:

Several PhD Scholarships in Simulation Intent DTC - for more information see DTC Flyer,  or contact us (;

Undergraduate Projects / Master's thesis projects available at the lab:

  • CFD Mesh deformation and adaptation

          (This project will try to extend to 3D the method shown here)

  • Aero-Structural Optimisation - Developing robust mesh interfaces
  • Turbulence Modeling for SU2
  • Developing a relaxed stability flight control system for a small UAV
  • Simulation of turbomachinery using OpenFoam (wind and hydraulic turbines)