Nonlinear Aeroelastic Computations under Uncertainty

Description: Efficient non-linear Aeroelasticity Computations under Uncertainty which will be used to look at the complex interactions between structures and aerodynamics for future air vehicles.


Nonlinear Aeroelasticity - CFD Based Harmonic Balance Methods

Description: Computing aeroelastic instabilities in the frequency domain efficiently and accurately using Harmonic Balance methods.


Extending SU2 to Aeroelastic simulations using MpCCI

Description: The application programming interface of MpCCI will be used to develop a code in C++ for coupling SU2 with MpCCI (Completed).



Adaptive Trust Region MDO

Description: Trust Region Method (TRM) are provable convergent methods able to exploit low-fidelity models to minimize the use of (expensive) high-fidelity analysis without compromising the accuracy of
the optmisation.