Aero-structural Coupling SU2/MPCCI/Nastran

Title: Development of an Interface to Couple SU2 with Nastran Using MpCCI for Aeroelastic Investigations

Investigators: Manuel Cellarius

Partner: MEng Project at Queen's University Belfast


Project Background

In order to perform aeroelastic simulations a robust coupling between CFD and FEM grids is necessary; the solution is gained and evaluated from this excursion. The Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing, SCAI, has developed MpCCI. MpCCI is an application independent interface for the coupling of different simulation codes by way of, but not limited to, calculating mesh neighborhoods and interpolating physical quantity values. The aforementioned software has been used thus far successfully to couple the CFD solver Fluent with the FEM solver Nastran at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of The Queen’s University Belfast.

The aim of this work is to couple Nastran with the open-source CFD code SU2 developed at the Aerospace Design Laboratory at Stanford University using MpCCI. To accomplish this, the application programming interface of MpCCI will be used to develop a code in C++ for coupling SU2 with MpCCI.

SU2 has, incorporated within its design, the feature of deformable models and grids and therefore is particularly suitable for aeroelastic investigations. Furthermore, its capabilities of computing adjoint solutions give this framework the potential to solve multi-disciplinary design optimisation problems.


Manuel Cellarius, "Extending SU2 to Aeroelastic Simulations using MpCCI", M.Sc. Thesis, Queen's University Belfast / RWTH Aachen University, Belfast, U.K., 2013. aero structural coupling thesis