Aeroelastic Computations under Uncertainty


Title: ENACT – Efficient non-linear Aeroelasticity Computations under Uncertainty

Investigators: Waigan Yao, Simão Marques

Sponsor: EPSRC – Grant n.: EP/K005863/1 (First Grant Scheme)


Project Backgroud

Novel solutions for future air vehicles are likely to involve complex interactions between structures and aerodynamics. Such interactions can be highly non-linear and sensitive to system and model parameters, which require the development of methods capable of quantifying the effects and implications of uncertainty (structural and aerodynamic) on transonic aeroelasticity. This project will address the technical and scientific challenges preventing the practical simulation of transonic non-linear aeroelastic instabilities under uncertainty by implementing an analysis framework based on novel, highly efficient computational techniques. The project aims to create a step change in high-fidelity aeroelastic analysis by making uncertainty quantification (UQ) an integral part of a CFD Harmonic Balance framework, which will enable the assessment of aleatory and epistemic uncertainty through the development of suitable UQ techniques for unsteady CFD and non-linear aeroelastic instabilities.

The goal of this project is to enable uncertainty quantification in realistic non-linear aeroelastic simulations. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach due to the inherent physical nature of the problem, ie. aeroelasticity. In order to provide new knowledge about the nature of flow induced vibrations and the impact of variability, UQ methods suitable for multi-disciplinary, multi-fidelity, non-linear problems are required. The challenges with performing the analysis described above include: computational resources required; UQ for complex phenomena and multi-disciplinary model uncertainty quantification. This project will reduce the computational cost by developing an Aeroelastic-HB/UQ software framework that will enable high-fidelity aeroelastic analysis under uncertainty. The characteristics of non-linear aeroelasticity problems pose additional challenges to UQ. The successful integration of UQ with the HB method will overcome these difficulties; further UQ tools to assess model fidelity and model uncertainty will be developed, pushing the state-of-the-art of UQ for unsteady CFD and aeroelasticity.


Sample Results

LCO velocity position diagram from Aeroelastic Harmonic Balance code
Delta Wing LCO Position-Velocity Diagram

Worshop Series:

NIACE, January 2014



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Data Sets