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About Us

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About Us

Nanostructured Media is one of the most rapidly growing and exciting areas of research at Queen's. An understanding of materials with new and exciting properties, and the ability to process and fabricate them, is of great importance to the future well-being of modern, high-tech industries. Our team of researchers is at the forefront of this science and technology.

The overwhelming majority of our research can be considered to be truly based in nanotechnology, where we are fabricating or imaging in up to 3D in the sub 100nm scale.The development of new media and their potential exploitation in commercial devices is also relevant to the work carried out by the staff. Consequently, postgraduate research projects and training offered by the staff will provide an excellent basis for future employment. Our PhDs and post-docs have secured positions in many leading high technology companies worldwide and in leading university research groups, and our staff and students contribute and collaborate at both a National and International level in their academic research activities.

Our current 'big' project is our work on ANSIN, our industry-facing research hub. We envisage ANSIN, literally meaning 'there', to become a huge collaborative effort of many partners, centred in Queen's, all working to common goals with an industrial focus.