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Post-Graduate Vacancies

2022 PhD Projects in CNM

We welcome applications from students wishing to undertake a PhD in the Centre for Nanostructured Media starting in October 2022. Please also feel free to contact CNM academics directly to discuss potential opportunities.

Please find below one project associated with a DfE Studentship

Controlling Heat Flow at the Nanoscale using ferroelectric materials

The additional four projects below have currently no confirmed studentship funding, but are also open for applications. Please contact the supervisors if interested.

Novel in-situ Insights into Nanomagnetism (Dr Amit Kumar)

Extreme nanophotonics within subnanometer plasmonic gaps (Dr Fumin Huang)

Reprogrammable micromagnetic transport (Dr S Felton)

Exploring surface-chemistry driven effects in micro-scaled ferroelectrics (Dr Miryam Arredondo)

For further information, to arrange a visitation of the CNM department, and further details please feel free to contact individual staff or alternatively contact the Head of Centre, Dr Amit Kuman (