Concrete and Heavy Structures Labs


Areas of research

  • High performing structures
  • Impact resistant structures
  • Strengthening and repair of structures
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Advanced composites and novel structural materials
  • Ultra high performing concrete (UHPC)
  • Self compacting concrete
  • Bio-based materials


Consultancy work

Qubtest provides a way to arrange consultancy services for testing a wide variety of materials and structures to British and European standards. 

Contact: Dr Barry Rankin



Facilities and equipment

  • Strong floor (12m by 5m)
  • Zwick universal testing machine 100 kN
    Test-area height 1m
    Non-contact extensometer
  • Large Dartec electro-hydraulic loading frame 600 kN
    Test-area 5m x 1.8m
  • Drop test facility
    6 m height - 9 to 40 kg mass
  • Environmental chambers for freeze/thaw testing

  • Rheology facilities

  • Concrete workshop and mixing room

  • Curing and conditioning facilities

  • Measurements laboratory

  • Multi-channel, high frequency data acquisition systems 
  •  Limpet pull-off equipment for in-situ testing of concrete strength
  • Small Dartec electro-hydraulic loading frame 160 kN
  • Avery Denison univ. testing machine 500 kN
    hydraulic valve control
  • Berry hydraulic press 4000 kN
    pore fluid expression from concrete samples and compression testing of high strength concrete


Lab manager: Mohammed Sonebi