Joseph Fanning


School of Planning Architecture and Civil Engineering

David Keir Building, Stranmillis Rd., BT9 5AG

Room OG.312A

Tel (+44) (0) 28 9097 4027



MEng Civil Engineering, 1st class (Hons), Queen’s University Belfast, 2009-2014,


The Gregg Doran Scholarship (2014)

PhD Title

Flying wing anchors for offshore wind farms

PhD Description

The aim of this project is to assess the behaviour of a ‘flying wing anchor’ during installation and under loading from offshore structures. The anchor is installed by dropping/firing into the seabed and then dragging it to increase the level of embedment. This installation concept will allow the anchor to reach greater embedment depths in deep water when compared to the types of anchors currently used.

A laboratory based study making use of scaled model testing and centrifuge modelling is being carried out. These tests will analyse the penetration/embedment behaviour of anchors as they are dropped and then dragged into the seabed. Tests will also be completed which analyse the soil’s behaviour when a cyclic load is applied to a buried anchor. This will more accurately replicate the loading applied to a full scale anchor in comparison to the monotonic loading commonly used in physical modelling. By improving the understanding of the effect of cyclic loading, an improved prediction of the long-term in-situ behaviour of anchors will be obtained.


Dr V. Sivakumar, Dr S. Donohue, Dr J. Black.