International Partners

SUS-CON – Sustainable, Innovative and Energy Efficient Concrete, based on Integration of All-Waste Materials

The SUS-CON project brings together 16 research institutes and industry partners from across the EU and further afield with the aim of developing an alternative material to concrete made by all waste raw materials. The four-year project is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP-7).

The material will be light-weight, thermally insulating, cost-effective and have a lower carbon footprint than conventional ready-mix or pre-cast concrete. Lightweight recycled aggregates will be used, reducing the overall total weight with the added advantage of higher thermal performance. Conventional binders such as ordinary Portland cement (OPC) which have a high environmental impact will be replaced with waste materials such as incinerator ash and ash from coal-fired power plants. This replacement will create a material that has significantly smaller carbon footprint and does not consume non-renewable resources.  To ensure the performance of the binder active property regulators will be added to achieve and stabilize the final materials.

The integration of wastes in this manner has the potential of providing a viable use for materials that would otherwise be land-filled, reducing pressures on local waste management facilities.
Further information on the project and it’s partners can be found on the SUS-CON Homepage.

Local Partners

Banah UK Ltd are a Northern Irish company set up in 2008 with the aim of creating a complete package of sustainable construction materials and products that reduce CO2 emissions at source. Current products include OPC-free geopolymer cements, concrete and building blocks. These geopolymer products compare favourably with conventional OPC products with added benefits of reduced CO2 emissions, higher temperature resistance and superior insulation properties.

Further information can be found on the banah UK website.