Yaqi Li

School of Planning Architecture and Civil Engineering
Room OG.312G
Tel  07421878962      



MEng in structural Engineering-Wuhan University of Technology, China 

BEng in Civil Engineering-Hubei University of Technology, China 

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PhD/Project Title

Multi-scale modelling of FRP-to-concrete bonded interfaces

PhD/Project Description

This project will develop a multi-scale modelling approach to predict the interfacial bond behaviour between fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and concrete. A mesomechanical model includes the explicit description of the heterogeneous material geometry close to the FRP-concrete interfacial zone will be proposed.

Damage and failure processes taking place at the mesoscale to the macroscale will be linked using a transition procedure by establishing a connection between formulations at the macroscale and mesoscale levels. This can be achieved through constructing base functions of macroscopic element numerically and then transferring mesoscale heterogeneous properties on the sub-grid to macroscale levels. This work will be chiefly numerical, using the commercial software ABAQUS.

A small number of small scale FRP-to-concrete tests will be conducted to validate the numerical models. The test will include load and strain measurements.


Prof Jian-Fei Chen, Prof Wei Sha, Prof Marios Soutsos



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multi-scale modelling; fracture mechanics; finite element analysis, Abaqus