Mr. Shane Gribben

School of Planning Architecture and Civil Engineering
David Keir Building, Stranmillis Rd., BT9 5AG


PhD Title       

The use of Geo-electrical methods to assess the geotechnical properties of highly sensitive or quick clays


Dr Shane Donohue, Dr Vinayagamoothy Sivakumar (QUB) and Dr Sara Bazin, Dr.  Jean Sebastien L’Heureux (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute)

PhD Description

My PhD research project, which began in October 2014, investigates the changes in the geophysical properties of sensitive post-glacial marine clays as they are subject to leaching of the pore water salt.

The project is also concerned with how the geophysical properties such as the electrical resistivity are affected by the change in geotechnical parameters as the pore water salt content is reduced and the soil becomes more sensitive.