Ms. A. Goodman


Investigation into the Oxygen and Hydrogen isotopic composition of precipitation over the island of Ireland

An understanding of the isotopic composition of precipitation forms an integral part in hydrological studies; useful environmental tracers. Little research has been done to determine the spatial and temporal variations of the δ18O and δ2H values of precipitation across the entire island of Ireland. Previously, there was only one long-term station on the Island of Ireland at Valentia through the IAEA’s GNIP network.The aim of the project is to establish local meteoric water lines at 12 sampling locations located across the entire Island of Ireland. Integrated isotopic data and meteorological data will be used to investigate regional climate patterns, both spatially and temporally across the Island of Ireland.


Preliminary daily δ18O and δ2H values of precipitation at the Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland Geophysical Research Abstracts EGU 2010